Our Vessel

Pictured above is our vessel. It is 36.5 feet long and it is a rigid hull inflatable type of vessel. The hull of the vessel is made out of aluminum and it is very sturdy and well suited for our conditions. This vessels also features inflatable air cushions that help with stability and floatation. This vessel also features a cabin, which comes in handy in rough weather. In addition to standard equipment, this vessel is propelled by two Volvo D6 Inboard engines (870 hp). Propulsion is provided by two Hamilton 274 jets

Top Speed: 39.9 knots

Cruising Speed: 32 knots


Length: 36.5 feet
Beam: 12 feet
Power Plant: 2 x 435hp Volvo Diesels
Jet Pumps: Hamilton 274 Jets
Max Speed: 39.9 knots
Operational range: 300 nautical miles (550 km) on single tank
Capacity: 12 crew and 3 full size stretchers
Capability (waves): 15 meter seas
Capability (wind): 50 knots
Equipped with: High end thermal camera (FLIR), Shock absorbing seats
Directional Finder, HD digital Radar, Oxygen Therapy,
Rewarming devices.